Saturday, April 15, 2006


answers #2

1. Have you ever streaked? if so please exsplain what on earth you were thinking by showing the public what ever it is you had on under your clothing.

yes of course I have streaked. everyone wants my body so I am just giving the crowd what they want.

2. what would you do for a dollar?

What wouldn't I do for a dollar?

3. when's the last time you wet the bed and blamed it on the dog :( <-- (angry face)?

I still maintain that the bed wet itself, and then blamed it on the dog, and once again I remain blameless.

4. whats your favorite movie?

I don't know how to answer that. There are too many to think of and not enough space to write them. But I think maybe Billy Elliot right now and tomorrow who knows?

5. whats your favorite quote?

Be the cange you want to see in the world. -Gandhi

6.have you ever publicly exsposed your friends nipples?

Nope... but I am a Ta Ta Toucher so watch out.

7. Do you honestly think you are gonna finish all these questions in the amount of time your hoping to? If yes i guess we willl have to make them longer if no we will still have to make them longer

You smell kindof like a republican.

8. whats Disniey Character do you most relate to? why?

Well I am not quite sure what a Disniey character is, but Disney Character I would relate to Alice in Wonderland alot. Why? Because if one drinks much from a bottle marked poison it is almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later.

9. what about now?

Tarzan, because he is hot like me.

10. have you ever thought about how your decision now..affects the children?

For the love of God... would someone please think of the children.

11. do you like beans? would you eat beans and then fart in a can and smell it?

I confess, I confess, I didn't do it, and if I had it over again I still wouldn't do it.

12. Are you telling the full truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help your mom?

That all depends on the nature of truth and how many Hippies are around to hear it.

13. what do you think about my older brothers purple lace bra?

It makes me giggle like a little girl, then squeal a little, then throw up a little in my mouth. and sometimes on good days when the sun is out and it's raining it makes me feel like baking a cake.

14. Have you ever tried to seduce a teacher so you would or could make a better grade and graduate?

How do you think I graduated? And now I need to get back into college so I am looking for the right candidate for the screwing position to make sure I get in.

15. how do you feel about the phrase " your mom" especially when being directed at your mother..talking about her mothers mother..who died and left your brother with the creepy purple bra in charge?

it tickles my fancy bone.

16. if you had one thing right now to give you the ultimate pleasure what would it be.. you define (ultimate pleasure)

A vibrator, no wait, 1 million dollars, wait... no a vibrator.

17. Have you ever fantasised about marrying Daria off the cartoon Daria?

Hell no. I love her and all but I would probably thumb wrestle her to the death (thanks Jules), because she would annoy me so badly.

18. Who's your super hero?

I have a super hero? I hope he is cute, tall, Dark , and handsome and well hung. and hopefully he wears clothing to accentuate on the package size and curving musculature of his fully formed pectoral muscles and bubble butt... (drool...)

19. what was the last movie you saw in the theaters?

Thank you for Smoking

20. can you think of a question that can go hear? if so you may post it and hope that out of the millions of other applicants we might find your question and we might consider to post it..but if not...take it personal VERY PERSONAL!!

I try to think as little as possible.

You two are the most hilarious and random people I know. You make me laugh like giant hyena every time I read your blog. Keep posting these and giving me something to laugh about. You guys are great.
Well im soooo Glad that we make you laugh like giant hyena it makes us happy like buddah to know that you are laughing like giant hyena. :) thanks for reading we'll keep posting.
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