Thursday, April 13, 2006


answers to the 20 Q's

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite color?
Brandon Bunker ( wahoo i caught ya there didnt i ..wasnt exspecting me to put my name as my color and my color as my name..did ya did ya..its ok i know you didnt.. cuz im usually two steps behind ya but this only a half a step to the side of ya!
3. Tell us about a scar that you have, how you got it, and what it means to you now?
I have scars?? what you knew and you didnt tell me and now you want me to tell you about things that i know absolutly nothing about.. ok so i did a report on talking on things you know absolutly nothing about..and it got me an A im not sure if thats because i was so correct on writing a paper you know nothing about ..or if the teacher was just stunned that i pulled off a paper that was about nothing. oh yeah back to the scar thing..i've got a couple..whats it to you?
4. If you were a tree, what would you be?
Weeping Willow, i think the one off pocahontis saw John smith i guess she's my new idol "blushing smile" --> :)
5. Do you believe in God?
Well duhh i own like 3 or 4 of her Cds I've come to the conclusion that God is Alanis Morriset and i have since helped 3 good friends of mine come to this same conclusion..( weather they believe me or not they atleast pretend when im around) So it all works out they believe i belive and its amazing! When you walk into wal-mart and you hear god singing .. all these people are privlaged to hear god sing..even if they are shopping at corperate america and the pinical of all that is EVIL but hey they have a cute smile face that knocks down prices and rolls them back..they even dress him up.. dose he have his own make up artist??
6. Do you believe in a Devil or Satan?
Well i do believe that Kristy Mcdonald comes pretty close.. dose pretty close count?
i mean i figure the way im going the devil or satan or both..better watch and Goose are gonna take over hahah i mean forget that i said that.

7. Do you do Yoga?
No, but i should..maby if i turned my self into the human pretzel before the bullies at school did they would just walk past and laugh.. then i would know how to get out of it..and not get stuck or have some one help roll me into class so i wasnt late..
ok so that happend twice come on now..give me a break.

8. What is the Craziest thing (you define crazy) you have ever done?
Well if i have to define crazy i dunno..there are a millinon and probly 5 things that i have done that are just that when me and a co-worker stacked a whole bunch of school garbage cans to make a pyramid and i climbed up the very un- stable tower to put the last piece on.. it fell ovcourse and it hurt like your mother.. but its ok..she good now..and so am i..
or i could tell you about the time i gave my friend a blow job on my parents bed..but i wont..Maby we should put a rating on the matterial we put in here??

9. What is the silliest thing you have ever said?
The first thing that comes to when i was a young boy i farted and i looked at daniel and said " I farted for you" Between the look of disgust and the slow smerk starting to appear on his face i knew that would stick for a while.
10. Do you smell bad right now?
Maby, Nothing, Shut uuup.
11. How about now?
"Dont worrie about it"
12. If there were no other people on the planet, and no sheep, whom would you want with you?
well thats not fair... there are so many..
HA i got it..i want a Hermaphrodite with a million different personalitys and i will just give the personality's of the people i would wanna be with to my Hermie and when i want something from a certain some one i will tell my hermi and they will provid.. YES I FINALLY GET ALL THE CLEBS I WANT...haah Take that internet Porn sites i dont need you any and my hermie will live for ever!!! :p

13. Do you make your bed everyday?
nope i dont think i've maid my bed since i was... Well i dont recall ever making my bed
14. Do you have a nervous habit and what is it if you do?
well i guess umm when i get really nervous or excited i start to make really creepy or strang noises.. (whats even worse is people have caught me making them..and the look on there faces are pricless..) i mean i turn and look around wondering who was doing that..just like them.
15. Do you like how I asked two questions in that last question and counted it as one?
Umm let me think about that one..ill get back to you.
16. What is your favorite article of clothing?
i think my older brother's bra i dunno something about purple lace really gets to me :)
17. Do you have any German in you? Do you want some?
At this current moment..i dont well im not sure..let me cheek..
Nope nothing clogging any holes that im aware of.. would i like some..humm he cute and how big?? ;)

18. What is the best thing you have ever done on a trip? (not a drug trip... well better yet ... you decide)
well when i take my first drug trip..or If i take my first drug trip..well dose non illegal drugs count as having a drug tirp? ive done some pretty crazy things..when i was on pain pills .. i maid up my own world and planet i was the ruler and the broom was my cepter..when my mom tried to get it from me..i would demand it back and point it at my older brother robert and order him to do things for me..i really thought i was ZOLTRON! haha
19. What color in the Crayola Crayon box are you?
Right now? like physically? probly Neon pink its realy hot in this room :) Just in general probly burgendy.. i have to wear it to work..its awful.
20. Do you use the internet at least everyday?
Yes who dosn't use the internet like every day. I don't know if i could survive with out cheeking my mail or getting on my space and winning the daily popularity contest.

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