Sunday, April 30, 2006


Did i notice

What some one in china is reading our blog?? Well thats very so happy for them and i wish them the best..i hope that we dont offend..and i guess if we do..then your government will just have to ban us from chinees internet or somthing.. i dunnno.
Humm maby daniel what your saying could be a little to offensive..but im thinking..
The MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING.. No thats fine..i hear that at Church all the time.. the bishops and ministers..are just saing..FREAKING MOMMIE WEE WEE SUCKER.. i mean come on now..if a minister and a bishop are both saying Mother fucking cock sucker..than we must be able to say it..i mean how many religious people say Dang and SHoot and Freak..lets get reall people..COCK SUCKING IS THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES.. and if you use a little sugar..sometimes.. it can taste a bit better.. i mean not that ive tried it or anything.. ive just heard about it.. ok ok so ive tryed it but only once and it was with a Catholic Priest he told me i was saved..
dont judge me.

There is something very sweet and almost soothing about hearing someone say FREAKING MOMMIE WEE WEE SUCKER.

I think everyone will be saying it in a minute or two.

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