Sunday, April 23, 2006


did you notice?

there is someone in China that reads this thing.

or has read it.

or just glanced and moved on... who knows.

what does it all mean? and what can we say and not get sensored by the chinese government. like shit... maybe cock... maybe muther fuck cock sucker? these aren't words that I am likely to use on a regular basis but what if it comes up? like I am talking about Condi Rice or the big Bush? will they ban this website from their access to the web? huh... it's kindof exciting to think that I could have questionably material enough to be banned. What about you brandon? do you have questionable material?

well here is some questionable material.

just thought I would put that in there because who knows what people find questionable.

but here is what will get me censored. I didn't clear this with brandon so I hope that he doesn't get too mad at me for showing this on our brand new site like this...


here goes nothing...

now if that isn't worth being boycotted or censored I don't know what is.

this image is thanks to a great blog called Fresh N' Tasty which I highly recomend you frequent. he does Mugshot mondays that aren't to be missed for their hilarity.

NE way...


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