Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I work in a bakery... YOU DID WHO WITH A PIZZA STICK?

So for one's life to keep going some times one must take on phyisical activitys called jobs.. some prefer to sit at desks and wear suits and ties whial others prefere to work for places and people who are under MASS AMOUNTS OF STRESS because CORPERAT America is all about the monney..thats what they want they want YOUR MONNEY..

Well it just so happens that i was talking to a friend..and she had said something extremly FUNNY right as i took a drink of some soda..and i SPIT it out ALL up and down the floor.. and kinda on the side of her..(it was kinda funny at the time..and then she kicked me..)SO we started to clean up the mess..and after that i was boxing up the rest of the donnuts and i couldnt figure out what to do with the donut i stuck them in a box with about 5 other donuts..and i said .. MOMMY MOMMY LOOK THE DONUTS MAID BABBIES in a rather High pitched tone...which was also pretty darn funny at the time..untill i turned around and saw..a WHITE HAIR'd OLD WOMAN just a tinny little thing..her eyes as wide as GRAPFRUITS oh it was even more funny when i saw her because of her mortification..then i realized she was gonna buy some donnuts untill she found out they were reproducing..
she might have thought she had to hurry and eat them befor they maid more..cuz she couldnt eat all of them..especially if they maid..more..
So to make a long storie loonger...she walked away..the co-workers of mine that sometimes..claim me as one of the stafff...laughed with me..and at me..and life gose on..
thanks and have a great day...

ps, Remember to smile because some one is allways gonna wonder what your up to..even if they dont know you.. :)

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