Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The ever evolving nightlife of Daniel.

Well, my pockets are full. I have my MP3 player in one pocket, a flashlight in one, a wine glass in another, and a mudslide mix in the last (with Rum in it).

The last week or so I have just stayed at home being a bear, but now I need to get out and play a little. Which in this place ususally means alchohol. I don't mind tonight because I am going to drink the day away. I just had an intense day filming the Global Leadership Networks Book meeting and will do this again tomorrow. it makes for a long day of very heady conversation as these are all high powered people that work for places like the UN and the European Union and Zimbabway (bad speller sorry). Sometimes I just want to stick my fist in my mouth grab my crotch and jump on a chair just to see if they are human enough to have emotion and laugh. no I am kidding they are actually nice people. There was actually a really cute one that works from the UN that had to fly to Canada today that I was half flirting with but he had to go too soon for my slow ass to get in gear. (UN booty would be fun)

ne way...

don't worry ... still a virgin here... although I am not as excited about that fact as I once was. maybe waiting for love and comitment (sorry I can't wait for marriage since I can't get married) is not a good Idea. any ideas?

ne way...

love you and have a good night... I will


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