Friday, May 26, 2006


My space is the new GOOGLE??

So how many of you get on here to read this and actually look at the little map up in the top right corner?? have you seen how many people are actually looking at this blog or have just happened to stumble apon it. Maybe these people have just "stumbbled" upon our blog :) how many of them actually read it??

Its like a new wave..By raise of hands how many people are My Space JUNKIES?? humm come on dont be can be ashamed if you really wanna be but we dont shun people here .. we want you to read our makes us feel all happpy in side like when you stick your finger in a warm apple pie.. lol daniel has done that a couple times.. :)
SO back on topic if any of you are myspace whores and you wanan help me WIN the Popularity CONTEST you BETTER HURRY!! :)

It would be much appreciated i dunno i just like to know that alot of people know me even though we probably never really talk lol but you can get on there..and send me messages and stuff and you could get on here and send US messages and stuff and it all works out.. SO yeah my space is like the new google..if you wanna meet new people or some one askes you can get on my space and find them..and learn a little about them befor you how many of you have done that on google?? come on now this is where you can be shy lol and a shamed.. well let ya..
well i have to go.

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