Saturday, July 15, 2006



Hahah your trailer trash now.. and your dirty.. Dirty trailer do you feel??
SO i checked out this web site that your able to get your mob nick name.. here it is

so just copy and past that int you know where and if you dont im sorry you may need a little help i know god didnt bless us all with smarts and you can see by my incompaticy to spell or write worth beans.

But anyways i was gonna tell you what my mobster nick name is but i dont know if i should i mean its kinda well its not just kinda its really Fed Up i mean who gets the nick name..
.. drum roll please...
bump bump bump.. (aka) drum roling :) thanks

THe Island..

yeah thats what im talking about who gets nick named the island.. i checked out others names like friends and some family members.. and there are some like " the lone drinker.. or The mercyless or or the quill..
i dunno i guess i would rather have "The quill" than "the island"
haha but i found out i dont have that bad of one.. i could be named..

THE DREAM BOAT.. haha that one cracked me up major..
alright i gotts ta go..

wow...i got the ostrich...what a name...doesn't sound very sad, but i guess the dream boat would be worse
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