Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm The Lone Drinker! <----- Mob Name!

ok lets see if I can create a little more pinache in this website and play around a little with it...

see if this picture works...

What about this for the Header?

Well its gonna be it for the time being Bitches! Even if you don't like it!

I am having problems with the Mac / PC interface thing...

my mac is doing great at work for the editing and video and sound programs that I have on here. and I don't care what you say about macs they are the best for doing any video or sound related editing or recording or things of that nature. but other than that I loves my PC, so right now I am on a mac because that is where I am creating the pictures and things like that and trying to post them but for some reason that is where the PC runs supreme.

ne way... blah blah blah... all nerd stuff that you probably don't care about anyway...


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