Thursday, July 13, 2006


New York City and The QUEENS OF DRAG!!

Yeah so if you think you have had a crazy exsperince or done something that your friends could black mail you forever for you havent heard anything yet.

So we went to New york the capital of the univers right?? we (by we i mean me and some friends who will remain anonymous) get there and find our hotel and get settled and as usuall non of us want to chill in a hotle room so we freshen up and hit the street we went every where from Central Park to china town and little Italy.. It was a great blast.
The next day rolls around and were walking around going site seeing cuz thats what you do obvously when you have people with you who have never been there befor. So later that night we went to Lucky Changs Bar and Restaraunt. We get our seats just in time the show is about to start. A woman gets on stage and starts talking to us. and she starts to walk around the room talking to people getting to know them and find out why they are in new york where they came from and why the chose Lucky changs to eat.
THere were some pretty interesting people in the crowd lets just leave it at that. she puts on a madona cd and starts her little well big show and is running aroud dancing and posing for the people. None of us were ready for what came next.

The Real Show

SO were all chillin at our table listening to the msuic and to the lady talk to people. and she asks for valunteers, and naturally when alot of people dont raise there hads they resort to picking people. So my stomach ties its self into a million knot's cuz i just know she is gonna see me and chose me.. and after she had a couple people and i thought it was safe to come out of hiding.. My brother is picked and she says bring your little friend there next to you..
I'm BRIGHT CHERRY RED at this point and my stomach isnt letting me relax what so ever.. then my legs feel like lead and they drag across the floor as i try and get to the table at which were supposed to sit.. and she tells me .. "Sweetie Get your ass over there and sitt in that chair" so naturally i move a little faster this time. and im sitting on my brothers lap and she giggles at us all.. Her little pets sitting waiting for her orders to stand and give her the time of her life in that couple minutes..of fame for us..
so her helper dumps out this bag or womens clothing and wigs and were supposed to fight over them and get as much stuff on as possible to make our selfs look like Queens of the century.. this was no easy task..
i unfortunatly was stuck with a rated black wig the hair was all frizzy and bunched up who knows what was living in that wig.. and this SkIN tight tiny over coat that barrely fit over my clothes let alone my brod shoulders.. so imagine this with me.

bright red face that cant stop smiling and laughing to my self. With this ratty looking black beast clinging to my head my stomach is trying everything in its power to make me pass out or kill over which ever comes first.. one leg is locked at the knee and the other is shaking un-controlably .. i mean i swear the people in the back of the room could feel the floor moving cuz my leg..

So now that you have a mental image of a crazy person.. sitting in his brothers lap.. she proceeds to tell the rest of the crowd what were to do.

OUr task

We had to get up and start working the crowd we were supposed to dance and sing do what ever humanly possible to get these people to scream and holla for us. Then we went to a door way and strick a pose went to the middle and strick a pose finish at the last door way strick one more pose and then finish off with pleasing the other side of the room.

The Game plan

So daniel and i get a game plan together. we get up and dance stop at the first door way i stop and look off in the distance and he grind's on me and then we stop in the middle do a little stage kiss then pose in the other door way and we shimmy like hell on the other side..

The Battle of the Queens

My heart is beating a million miles ever mili second and my leg is still shaking the place while the other isnt budging and my stomach is giving all the other insides death hell and damnation killing me from the inside out.. and im still bright red and starting to show other shades..
My heart and stomach jumped ever time she maid her selection.. and finally Judgement came. it was our turn.. we danced.. i caressed peole i sat in a lday's lap and tickled her with what ever was on my head.. ( beteween us i think she liked it) and then the grind came.. we moved kissed..and boy did that light the place up and we posed one more time.. then we SHOOK WHAT OUR MOMMA GAVE US..
Then and only then.. when we were releaved of our queens did my stomach let go of my spleen and my legs started to act like they were ready to run a merithon.. and my face as hot and crazy sweaty as it was.. returned down to its regular read and the edges were semi whit.. i think those parts took a while longer to get blood...


It was the most thrilling and crazy thing i have ever done.. i mean i sat in a ldays lap and tickled her.. i put my arms around complet strangers and maid them laugh.. that was possibly the best energy release i think one can go thru.
and this is my closing in one of the best trips to new york i have had.
Peace out

Yes!!! you finally posted something and so did makes me so happy...but that sounds like a blast at that restaurant. i would have given anything to see that.

What can I say? Do you have any pictures of this or do I have to imagine it in my head? You know its a good thing that Im not majoring in English otherwise you'd be screwed, cause I see alot of mistakes. But its okay, cause everyone does the samething.
I wanted to say something else but I don't know how to say it.
wow...yes..i must say..that was an entirely thrillin experience. bb..i never knew you had that in you :p
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