Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Caption Contest #1

The person who can reply to this post with the funniest caption wins!

Prizes tbd



This morning Bertha woke up and said to herself "Self, lets be Fabulous today!"


"It's the only outfit I had to go with my great new purse I just bought."


Marlene felt great, but didn't like the way her shoes went with the outfit.

Well... I am out of captions but you get the Idea...

One day Midge decided to get up and save the world.

Momma,MOmmA... Grandma Patty Nacker.. has run away again!!

WARNING: If you have seen this woman or have any information on her where abouts please contact the FFP (Federal.Fashion.Police) She was last seen Trying to teach a group of 3rd graders to wear flannel and plade together. PLEASE help us bring Justice and fashion to this poor woman befor its too late.
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