Sunday, August 27, 2006


I have a second Job!

and the crazy thing is it is the same employers!

I am now at work on my first day working for the Omega Institute. How can that be? you may ask? (I know I am a little ego centric and think that you actually care) Well I just started work at the Omega Institute in a different department than I was working before. No no don't worry. I am still working for Mediaworks, I didn't get fired or quit. (get on with it, I know you already know this) I just got a second job. Yeah!!!

who knows how long I will keep it.

I mean I took the day off from work because I haven't been feeling well but then had to work here because it is my first day.

weird huh...

ne way...

love and light


oh wait...

guess what tomorrow is? Skydiving day!!!



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