Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sneak Peak into RALPH LAUREN Winter Collection

This is kairo He is sporting the new loook for men this winter keep warm with the wonderful Multi-Animal skin coat.. along with the beautifully designed mink boots that he personally had his own hunter go out and kill and skin himself. These wonderful boots are being held together by the oh so strong yarn maid and produced by your very own USA SWEAT SHOPS CALLED FAMILY DOLLAR.. they take pride in making there employees work there butts off while the stock holders and investers are playing golf in the Camine islands (oh wait were not supposed to release that)
(dont worry no animals were harmed while making this outfit oh sorry we were just informed were not supposed to release those statements maid above.)


SHe well she isnt sporting much of anything.. actually we fiered her lasst year and she just never got the memmo...

WEell anyways thank you to all our viewers for tuning in stop on by our store and try something new and fresh TODAY!!

Good luck wearing any of that during winter.

I mean I would be happy to keep the first one warm but the other one has to fend for him... her... it's self.

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