Monday, October 09, 2006


My New Computer!!!

Well... I finally took the plunge. and let me tell you, it was worth it.

I bought a new computer.

The New IMac Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 2.0 Ghz processing speed and 1gb of Ram with slots to upgrade to 3gb of ram if I need. and 160 gb of disk space and upgradeable to 500 gb's I think.

it's fun because I can sound like a nerd and make you think that I know what I am talking about but really I have no clue. I vaguely remember in Junior High School knowing what all these numbers and Acronyms meant. Now I just know what numbers to look for and what is good for todays standards.

This is pretty good.

It's a Mac as well... and while I know there are alot of PC users out there who are rolling their eyes and saying that I betrayed some secret Microsoft run society. Fear not, this system has the Intel Chip which means that when I get the money to buy the software I can install Windows on it and run both.

So I Can have my cake and eat it too...


So I bought this mostly because I wanted to keep up with the company that I work for. all of my co=workers own macs. in fact it seems like everyone in this industry owns a mac and if you are editing sound or video on a pc you are mocked a little. Yes they are that much better than PC's when it comes to Sound and Audio editing and evven watching. In fact I don't know if it is just because it's knew and that is why I love it so much or if I am going to fund something terribly wronge with it in the near future but right now I don't see anything better about a PC than a Mac. I mean the whole Mac package is visually stunning. I lke having it be seen where more and more the Pc package you want to see less and less. and then the user interface is so visual that I just die over it everytime.

NE way...

enough nerd talk.

It's good and I have a camera on it and microphone and I think that I could really get used to it.

Aren't you all jealous... Suckers...


I mean that in the most love and light way possible.


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